Monday, October 22, 2012

How do we access the soul consciousness, the inner self from within the physical world?

If man can open his mind to the understanding of the infinite, he will cease to know fear. Releasing fear allows the eternality of love to enter. It allows acceptance of the infinite, inner self and the enfinite, higher self.

Acknowledging the inner self brings a peaceful calmness that will prevail at all costs within your life. Peace and calm will prevail because you will accept the perfection of the consciousness energy of man on a Universal level. Acknowledging the higher self will allow joy to overshadow all other emotions. When you are faced with sadness within the physical world, you will know and understand the peace and joy of the soul and spirit consciousness in evolution.

How does man access the soul consciousness, the inner self from within the physical world? This is not the “quick fix” process that man loves. It must be approached with enthusiasm, joy, and diligent effort. You must become an inner explorer who is willing to look at SELF objectively and without judgment. 

First, man must have the will and intent to be open which will allow him to look at himself objectively and without judgment.  He must understand that he is more than a physical being. He must acknowledge that he has an outer being, an inner being and a higher being that is the total composite of self.

Second, man must release his belief system. This is a valuable goal that may need to be worked on as Karma for many lifetimes before it is totally successful. Releasing all beliefs allow man to stay open to the energies within SELF and around SELF. If man can release the concept of a belief system, he will not replace one belief system with another in his attempt to be open. We should always sense the information that feels true to us and examine it. If it truth from a higher level, it will be understood on a soul level. The soul understanding will become a conscious understanding, if the soul is open to hearing, feeling, and seeing.  Do not allow all information that the physical mind is exposed to, to become a belief of the conscious mind. Truth will become an understanding of the soul consciousness and will not have the restrictive properties of a physical belief. Soul understanding becomes a sense. Man will not be able to always verbalize a soul understanding. A belief is always able to be verbalized.

The external mind is the witness and can recite the witnessing as a physical reality. The internal mind is the sense of knowing. It is the knower. The inner mind is the subconscious mind, the psychic. The higher mind is the master, the integrator of all understanding. The higher mind is the unconscious mind.

The third step is to develop an inner silence. It is through the inner silence that man enters the inner mind. This inner silence allows new images, new awareness, new understandings, and a new consciousness to develop and begin its integration with the physical self. 

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