Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Find the Energy Level that is Perfect for You

Learn to observe with discernment. Be aware without judgment. Learning not to judge is an Earth lesson that takes man one step closer to his goal of perfection. Awareness gives you the freedom of individual choice without judgement.

Your society has become an “accepting” society, yet it does not want to accept the responsibility for personal health or personal disease. All of man must accept the responsibility for self. There is no other way for man to live. Each of us is responsible for what we are and for what we eat. Allowing others to be responsible for our health, such as fast-food chains, food processors, the medical community and drug companies, is flirting with total degeneration of the physical self. We create our own reality. The responsibility for individual health belongs to the individual. The choice is ours.

Blindly following the path of advertisements, fads, belief systems or any teacher, without evaluating how it feels to you on an energy level is seeking problems. You are seeking your own individual balance of cellular energy. You must first know yourself and the needs of your physical self to find the energy level that is perfect for you. It is indeed a personal search. In a world of leaders, many have become followers.

The commercial mentality, “All food is good food,” has been taught in medical schools, nutrition programs and to the general public. Look at your health problems and you can observe that the concept, the belief, is not valid. Read the research of your world for yourself. Choose your own belief. Raise your awareness level. Challenge yourself to learn all there is to learn about health and your body. Read with discernment because the challenge is in finding what truly works.

In a world of leaders too many of you have made the conscious choice to follow others in the world of nutrition, despite the creativeness that you exercise in other areas of your existence.

There is joy and satisfaction in learning about your physical response to eating. There is joy and satisfaction in preparing and sharing good food with friends and family. There is complete cellular joy and happiness in feeling true vitality within. When you eat something, how do you feel?

(Joy of Health, pp. 143-144)

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