Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spiritual Conversations - May 29! 7:30-9:30pm

The more we can have spiritual conversations, the more we can see our relationship to Earth, and really begin to use Nature and Earth to support ourselves in a different way. I can look at the trees, drink a glass of water, and enhance my energy dramatically. Do people understand how walking through the grass can add strength? We just see ourselves in such a restricted way that we increase our disease activity, our depression. We do all kinds of things that we don't need to do. It's very sad, because once we can see the beauty of who we are, and understand that we can live for a very long time if we just understand our relationship to nature we will change the world!

Join us! Call us at 919-545-9937 or 919-357-5484 for directions and to let us know you're coming.

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Carole Hoffman said...

I loved the Spiritual Conversations event last week. How wonderful to be in a room of like minded people, and to be able to share our experiences and thoughts equally and from the heart. These events help me to see myself in others and to understand how very much the same we really are. My relationships to all others is a reflection of my relationship with myself. As I share with others, listen, and learn, I enhance my relationship with them and with myself as well.

These Spiritual Conversations events are a wonderful opportunity for me, for and all of us, to change, to grow, and to make new and valuable friendships. Thank you for offering these conversations. I look forward to the next one!