Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hungry? Next Spiritual Conversations Night

Friday, June 19 at Kathy Oddenino's

Being is the miracle of life.
The unconscious force
of forward motion
Consciousness expanded
As we open to the wisdom
of understanding self.

Think creatively with love! We are energy first, matter second. What is energy? We are electromagnetic energy as electricity and magnetism that exists in three different force fields of physical energy, soul energy, and spirit energy. Energy by its very nature must move and change, and therefore as human energy we must move and change or decay will result. Energy never dies but it can change form.

Enjoy ongoing conversations about what it means to live an Ethical life....Bring your opening mind, questions, a friend, the beverage of your choice and JOIN US! RSVP, or call 919-545-9937

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