Friday, June 26, 2009

Know Thyself

We humans are very much creatures of habit, so the concept of change is foreign to our thought patterns.

Our physical body and our thinking mind continue to grow and change until death. We see ourselves living this pattern of growth and change from birth until death and still we deny evolution?

Spiritual Philosophy is the only subject that tells us who we are, why we are here, and what our goals are in being human. You can enhance your life, your function, and your occupation by learning about yourself. As the ancient philosopher Socrates clearly said, "Know Thyself," which makes it easier to see why we look at the world differently when we understand ourselves and our relationship to the world, other people, Nature, Earth, and the Universe. Spiritual Philosophy teaches us about the Unity that we live and helps us release our belief in separation. To change into the first level of Consciousness, we must have this knowledge. Many people today are not yet living in a level of Conscious Awareness. This helps us to see why we must learn Spiritual Philosophy before we can grow beyond an external level of Conscious Awareness.

The more that I experience what is happening in our world with our thinking, behaviors, and diseases, the more clearly I understand the need for every person alive to understand their Spiritual/Physical Being, as one integrative chemical design. We do have the internal power to understand ourselves and change our lives into peaceful, healthy lives. We have lived our beliefs in separation long enough and we have fought many wars to maintain our beliefs in separation, which allows us to clearly see the need for wholeness and change. The bottom line is that no one else can change for us. We must be open and willing to learn how to change within ourselves.

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