Thursday, July 09, 2009

I Love Rocks

I love rocks. I have always loved rocks. I remember my mother wondering why I was always picking up rocks and carrying them with me when I was a small child. My sister and I used to wander the farm and beyond, roaming the woods until we came upon one of our favorite places, a beautiful river where we swam. The water was deep in this spot, with a sandy bottom loose with pebbles. It was one of our favorite places to enjoy the beauty and peace of nature. As much as I love flowers, I have a special affinity with rocks. The minerals within us are part of our chemical relationship to Earth as our home, and rocks are a wonderful image of layers of minerals that have grown into different forms over millenia, just as we have evolved as consciousness into our human form. The Earth supports us in our physical strength, as we eat from nature, drink pure water, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the beauty of nature in all forms.

We are one with nature in the identical way that we are one with the Universe and Earth. When we destroy the natural hierarchy of nature we destroy the natural hierarchy of our body and mind. Learning to honor our body, mind and spirit must be our first step forard in correcting disease. When we intellectually accept our soul memory and spirit influence, we will change our behavior towards our physical balance and toward the physical balance of nature.

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Silverthorn said...

I, too, collect rocks. My students are military, and bring them to me from all parts of the world.

Some people think I'm crazy.

I'll tell them what you said about our relationship to them!

Thank you.