Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Language of Silence

The language of silence is the energy consciousness of the form and feeling of words. Within the stillness is expansiveness, knowledge, all the words, all the feelings that have been, and will be in the language of the Universe. This consciousness is there eternally for us to utilize. It is the ego of man that keeps man exclusively focused within the physical world of words.

Sharing understandings will not BE if there is truly no understanding within. The activities of man make it necessary to listen to the voice within. In our world this is known as intuition.

Intuition is the expression of spirit guidance. Intuition is connecting physical understanding to the spirit consciousness. Intuition is an automatic response within the inner self of man. It is not a thought process that one evaluates and assesses in making a decision. It is a discernment, a knowing that defies scientific proof within you your reality. The inability to prove something on your level of awareness does not mean that it does not exist. It does man that you have connected with an energy flow of the Universe that is a memory for you.

It is the ego that becomes threatened by soul memory and spirit guidance. Intuition is a spirit influence - a guidance from the inner spirit of the self. Intuition is a silent language from the spirit world. The man who relies on his ego will not rely on his intuition. It would not be logical to accept help from such an unidentifiable source. The ego of man is a person of "status," who demands status in return. Status is a perception. Living from the ego force will permit man to climb to the top of his physical reality by using his fellow man as his stepping stones. This process of growth at another's soul expense is growth only on a physical level. We do not grow spiritually by putting another soul at a disadvantage. Manipulation is an ego function.

This lesson will be a lesson that another has agreed to share in, and the lessons they are learning in this instance will normally be diametrically opposite. One lesson will be focused within the spirit plane and one lesson will exist only on the physical plane. Neither will be right or wrong but will be what is needed for each soul in that creation. Adversity is an ego function with all of the emotional drama of anger, hate, and fear that is a drama of the physical. Only man commits to adversity. It is within the activities of adversity that man learns to listen to his spirit. Adversity is indeed a physical challenge that is a role of the physical realm. Man was created in the image of God. The image of God is the image of love. When we create with love, we understand the power of the creation of love.

(for more on this subject, read pp. 203-205, Bridges of Consciousness)

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