Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Protecting and Healing the Body is an Art

When we care about self and others, we are inspired by the love of the spirit and motivated through soul memory to create with new ideas, new concepts, new perspectives, and new levels of conscious awareness. It is time we expand our creative abilities to help ourselves in disease prevention and treatment.

It is evident within our world that physicians and nurses are not always comfortable with the outcome of therapy. It is also evident by the expanding liabilities that patients and families are not comfortable with medical care.

Physicians are facing a world of people that are not happy with the medical care they are receiving. But from the perspective of the medical world they are doing all that they were taught to do. The medical world has become a "victim" of the cyclic energy of instant gratification. The more science focuses upon scientific gratification, the more the public focuses upon self-gratification.

This phenomena of the "quick fix" creates an energy that is captured between the judicial and medical system. Feeding upon this system is the supporting energy of self-gratification for the pharmaceutical business, all the supporting businesses of the medical world, the insurance companies, and the government.

There are more and more instances occurring where medical judgment is based upon the beliefs and self-gratification needs of the physician and patient, and not upon correcting the balance within the body. The beliefs of the patient are many times manipulative and unethical in the world of science. In turn, science can be manipulative and unethical in the world of mankind.

The reasons for opposite focuses are multiple and they are always influenced by all sectors of society that support and expand the phenomena of self-gratification and dissatisfaction. Instant gratification is publicized by all avenues of the media, the family, the schools, and the business world.

Blaming is a disease of negative energy. Creating change is a challenge of positive energy. Death can never be avoided in all instances because the spirit uses death as its method of change. But it is our responsibility to create an atmosphere of healing and loving support regardless of the choice of the spirit. Change will occur more rapidly when multitudes of people understand the need for change and are willing to support change.

Medicine is an art. Protecting and healing the body is an art. Science has made many advances that can be integrated with the art that is within the soul and spirit of us. Now we need to open our minds to new perspectives, new ideas, new inspirations, and integrate them with the intellect that has expanded within us.

Integrating art and science will give us the opportunity to provide for ourselves the love and support that we all may need at some point in our lives. This challenging endeavor will benefit from the loving energy of each and every person who understands the importance of self.

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