Monday, October 12, 2009

Being A Spiritual Person

More and more people are seeking the Spiritual path today, which in truth is the eventual path of recognizing all energy. This does not mean that all people who want to be Spiritual understand energy, or that they have any realization of the energy being emitted by themselves and other people.

Being a Spiritual person is basically all about learning the truth of information, which is a form of energy. Before we can open our thinking mind to consciously live our Ethical Values, we must learn who we are, how we function in the physical world as an energy being, and we must learn how to understand the eternal and internal energy sources that we are always living in our physical reality of life. If we have no understanding of who we are, we will judge other people as "less than" us. Once we understand our own internal energy, we learn to live our energy as total love and we learn to accept other human beings as total love. Our goal as human beings is to learn how to live our Ethical Values every day within our moment by moment physical reality, which supports the design of our Spirit Consciousness energy as the core energy of us. To actively live our Spirit Consciousness we must live our "love" as the energy of our human body throughout all of our physical life, that evolves from birth until death, and we must live this loving energy in total relationship to ourselves, our family, and everyone else that we know. When we can live our truth in our daily life, we will find ourselves feeling the Spiritual energy within us. We cannot lie, cheat, steal or live any negative behaviors if we want to live as Spiritual Beings.

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