Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Consciously Living Our Ethical Values as Our Spiritual Energy

Before we can truly change, we have to understand our true relationship with energy. When we are consciously living our Ethical Values, we reflect the energy of our Ethical Values into all of our thoughts, words, and actions as we interact with other people. We must look carefully at ourselves.

Learning how to consciously live our Ethical Values as our Spiritual Energy is the primary lesson for our Dual Soul, which means that all of the many lives that we live as physical beings are primarily focused on the growth of our Dual Soul, with each lifetime being focused on the lessons that our Dual Soul must learn before it can move forward in its growth and change. Each lesson that we must learn in this lifetime and during any other lifetime is always essential for us as human beings that must consciously be living the Ethical Values that create the precise pattern of our Dual Soul that is growing into our Spirit Consciousness.

Our primary challenge is to learn how to understand ourselves and the capabilities that we have been given to help us with our growth and change. As a human being we must look very closely at our thinking and our behaviors if we want to stay on our path of evolution as a Dual Soul that is growing into our Spirit Consciousness. If our thinking and our behaviors do not show what we have learned reflected into our physical reality, we are not ready to live our Spirit Consciousness, which means that we are not ready to teach what we have been attempting to learn.

Sharing what we think we know is not the same as sharing what we have learned as an integrating being. If our personal growth is our ultimate goal, we must rise above our lying, cheating, and personal camouflage before we can even begin to meet our goal. We have developed a trait as human beings where we sincerely believe that other people remain unaware of our behavior and our communication that is derogatory towards them. This can only be our belief when we do not understand energy and the personal and consistent reflection of our personal energy, which defines every word that we speak, every action that we are involved in, how we think, what we are saying to other people, and of course what we do with ourselves and our lives.

Join us November 20-22 as we learn together, focusing on Consciously Living the Ethical Values as Spiritual Energy. 919-545-9937 for info. Pittsboro Community House, Pittsboro, NC.

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