Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Light up my life!

I spend a lot of time teaching the Ethical Values in my counseling and in my classes. There was a time in my life when I firmly believed that every human was born knowing and living the Ethical Values as the design of our Spirit Consciousness. The older I became the more conscious I became of how few people even knew the words "Ethical Values" so light dawned in my mind and I realized that we cannot live what we don't know. The term Spirit Consciousness is also a mystery to the average person, especially if that person is focused on "being saved." One of the bench marks in understanding our Spirit Consciousness is knowing that we and we alone are responsible for "saving ourself." When I was a child, growing up on a Midwestern farm, I learned how to plant a garden, milk cows, feed chickens and pigs, and overall to stay busy by doing what needed to be done next on our farm. This was a very active and happy life for me, where we lived as part of Nature and Earth. During my childhood years, I lived in an oil town where we could literally read a newspaper from the light of the many gas flares that were constantly burning from oil wells that were scattered over a fairly large area. When I was very young, I could not understand why the sky seemed to be on fire, but as I got older I realized how and why the sky was so bright and what these oil wells meant to the town itself. Now as I watch people grow and learn Spiritual Philosophy, I can see this same light phenomena as their faces light up with understanding and joy. Those who don't learn to understand Spiritual Philosophy do not "light up" in the same way that people do when they recognize their internal and eternal beauty as Spiritual Energy beings. My goal in life is to teach as many people as I can how to understand Spiritual Philosophy and how to let the "light bulb" of Spiritual Energy light up their own lives.

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