Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2010- The Age of Aquarius?

This is the age of Aquarius. 2010 is the time of opening the mind to Know Thyself! I have not studied astrology and don't know much about "Aquarius" in those terms. I do know that "Aquarius" is the dawning of an energy event for us as spiritual energy beings, and that we are on the threshold of great change potential as human beings. The energy is expanding and becoming more real in the human mind, which opens us to our human consciousness in a new and more joyful understanding of energy than we have experienced in over 2,000 years.

I hope that some of you will open your mind to the Spiritual Philosophy that I am teaching, and expand your human growth into a new age of health and happiness!

Millions of minds will open up to themselves as energy and no longer see themselves as just matter. This is an "enlightenment" we have all been waiting for as human beings. What we are dealing with as human beings is the change in the energy of the Universal system, which will affect minds and help us open up to the truth of us as energy.

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