Wednesday, January 06, 2010

What is the Secret of Life?

The secret of life is always energy. We are energy! Energy is eternal. As humans we are energy, therefore we are eternal. With each physical life we have an intention of learning. As we learn, we grow and change as energy beings. If we simply look at ourselves, we can see ourselves growing from birth until death. When we think that we are simply physical beings, we miss the entire concept of being eternal beings. Learning is a method of expanding our eternal energy. When we learn more about ourselves as energy beings, we learn how to live longer as physical beings. Our progress of growth must be lived in our physical lives, which allows us to take advantage of our accumulative growth of energy in our successive lifetimes. As Spiritual Energy we live eternally through multiple physical lives. Knowing who we are gives us the impetus to learn more about ourselves as energy beings so that we can have a stronger hand in our future lifetimes as well as our present lifetime. What we know helps us to channel our thinking into more growth energy, which is an eternal gift to ourselves.

10 Steps to Conscious Living -
  • Love yourself
  • Think positively
  • Listen carefully
  • Communicate truthfully
  • Speak from your heart
  • Think and live equality
  • Honor your feelings
  • Live your loving emotions
  • Behave compassionately
  • Respect unity as power

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Sean said...

Hi Ms. Oddenino,

Just thought I'd stop by to comment on your musings here.

I treat religion, metaphysics, and spirituality as worthwhile hobbies of mine, and as such your blog attracted me. I write about much more than these things, but I have at least one detailed post on the topic of the history of religions, with the intent to do much more. I was simply wondering whether you felt matter were inferior to energy for some reason or another?

Energy seems very dear to you, and material existence doesn't garner much positive attention from you on this blog. Of course, they're the same thing as far as physics are concerned, just in different forms waiting to be transformed back into the other at some later date, so I wonder why the bias?

Thanks for caring enough about the world to enjoin it in communication on matters that are important to you.

Very pleased to read you,