Monday, July 26, 2010

The Divine Idea on Audio Download

What is "the Divine Idea"? What is our "Intelligent Design"?

Our brain is the essence of The Divine Idea as our Intelligent Design. Our human design is Spirit Consciousness living in physical matter. Understanding this enables us to choose to live our healing ability and create a different life. Spirit Consciousness is the only true and authentic loving pattern of us as human beings. (Read my 8th book, Spirit Consciousness: Our Intelligent Design!)

The Divine Idea was the creation of spirit consciousness in human form. That is the Intelligent Design of Earth, on Earth. We as human beings are the Intelligent Design that must begin to understand ourselves before we can see the connection of everything on Earth. We are electromagnetic energy living in a physical world. We have electricity, magnetism, and physicality all within our own internal system. This gives us a hint of the Divine Idea, because the Divine mind has not only the mind, which is unlimited in its thinking and multi-facetedness, but  its loving emotions, and the infinite spirit senses. 

When we look at the patterns of how we have been created, and we look at the belief systems we have created, we see that we have never recognized the pattern of the Divine Idea of us, and we have never recognized the Intelligent Design of us, which is the Spirit Consciousness energy in matter. If we don't understand these energies, we have all kinds of belief systems, like a grab bag, which has tentacles. We are always energy living in matter. When we focus on the matter instead of the energy, then where are we? To keep the mind open, we must learn to live our multiplicity of energies. We are focused on matter in our world today, but energy is the eternal pattern of us as human beings!

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