Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Essence of Spiritual Philosophy

Knowing that love is an internal emotional design that helps our thinking mind to accept our internal patterns of growth, change, and evolution as a dual soul, helps us to see the wisdom of growth and change as an internal pattern of our Spirit Consciousness. Men and women alike have been using the fear beliefs as our functional awareness in life, which means that both sexes have been focused in the fearful thinking mind as the symbolic male thinking energy. Men and women share the identical human design except for the sexual organs and their internal network of hormonal glands. Once we can know and accept that our male thinking mind and female loving emotions are Spiritual partners in growth, we begin to see how we have been shown this lesson through the ability of the male and female to procreate a new physical life. Opening the thinking mind is the external symbol of our ability to accept the physical loving emotions, which creates new patterns of thinking and feelings that are being birthed within us. This has always been the essence of the teachings of Spiritual Philosophy, whether or not this divine energy of Spirit Consciousness has been understood by humans.  (Spirit Consciousness, p. 40)

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