Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Daily Evolution

I do appreciate all of my followers on Facebook and my blog, so my purpose in today’s post is to fill in some of the blanks about who I am and get to know everyone better by hoping that others will follow my example. Tell us who you are.

I was born and raised in a small town in the Midwest, Salem, Illinois, where some of my family still live. When I was living on our farm as a child I learned how to do all of the farm chores like milking cows, feeding pigs and chickens, playing in our woods, creeks and ponds, and riding horses. When I was 18 years old and just as I graduated from High School, I moved to Indianapolis, IN where I had enrolled in a Nursing School program and I began the most important learning of my entire life. I learned what they taught me, but I learned multiple other things as well, which has served me for my long and fruitful life. My most exciting nursing position was a research position with the Navy Medical Research Institute, which I loved because of all of the information that we discovered about “us humans”in our work. In 1984 I started my second career as a writer and teacher of Spiritual Philosophy. Since then I have written 8 books of Spiritual Philosophy and I have been constantly teaching Spiritual Philosophy to all who come to my classes and to see me for “Life consults.” In the center of all my life and my work were my six children that I love dearly. They are all grown up now with their own children and we are starting on the next generations. This is the story of how life expands and we continue to learn.

Many times I have been asked why I changed careers when I did. As a Kidney Transplant Nurse with my in-depth research experience I had an opportunity to accept several jobs that were offered to me. But my research experience proved to me that we live more than one life, so I wanted to learn and experience everything that I could experience in this lifetime and I wanted to help other people learn about their past lives, and their eternal life. From the time that I was an infant I could remember other lives that I had lived. This internal memory has kept me searching within as intensely as I search externally. It has been my internal memory that is always pushing me to write more books and to make more CDs, and to continue teaching Spiritual Philosophy. I teach Spiritual Philosophy classes, which is helping other people to open their minds to us as eternal energy beings and to have more faith in themselves. I sincerely believe that we should be taught Spiritual Philosophy from our very early life.

Once we can accept that as energy beings we live eternal lives, we begin to look at the world with different eyes. Our physical death takes on a new purpose, an opportunity to create a new and healthy physical body to support our internal and eternal Dual Soul mind and emotions in their eternal growth. When we look at people from the 1500s and then we observe all of the people in history from the early years into the year that we are now living, we see the growth of the human species. We can see change in all aspects of the human species from their physical appearance, their thinking mind, loving emotions, and their Spirit Senses, which shows us that we are all living our eternal growth, and we must be personally responsible for our physical body, thinking mind, loving emotions, and Spirit Senses. We have a personal responsibility to ourselves to learn, to grow, and to change, which is my express purpose in teaching Spiritual Philosophy. Our growth is based on how well we can live the Ethical Values, which is the internal energy design (Intelligent Design!) of our mind, emotions and senses.

It is time for all of us to grow in the concept of our eternal life as energy beings, so that we can consciously take our memory with us into each new physical life time. Knowing that we are basically energy beings and that energy never dies but it does change form (Einstein) helps us to understand that when we wear out our physical body with disease or age, we, as an energy of Spirit Consciousness, are going to work with a man and woman to create a new body for us to return to a new life. This human energy is the eternal beauty of our physical life, our intellectual growth, and the growth of our loving emotions. Once we can open our thinking mind to the concept that as energy beings we are eternal, we remove the fear of death from our thinking mind, which is a challenge that many people face in living and dying. Knowing ourselves gives us the freedom to share ourselves with other people.

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Diane J Standiford said...

I am the great niece of a psychic woman, still alive and disease free at 103. I am the only other child to have the psychic ability that she had. I have seen and communicated with energy of past lives, mostly from our family. I am reading your beliefs, but where I become confused is when I look at the millions of malnourished peoples of the world and children eaten alive by insects, where is their chance to grow? And mathematically, how do all the returning spirits of energy have a body to return to? Some bodies I met, I know have never "lived" in a body before. I feel that I am not coming back in another body again, but have done so MANY times before. I am perplexed how this is so. I was born a male inside a female body, ill from the start. I will die with this illness. I also am a cancer survivor, have multiple sclerosis, and at 53, who knows what lies ahead for this body, but I am a happy person. I have always seperated my brain from my body, my spirit from my body and all the illnesses. You are on to something with your life philosophy, but you and I must think on it some more. (And I suppose that is why we are here again.)