Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Research and Our Eternal Chain of Life

When I spend time looking at my life, I clearly remember some of the jobs that I have had which stand out in my mind. I worked with kidney transplant patients for many years before I became associated with the KTHS at the Naval Medical Research Lab. The Kidney Transplant Histocompatibility Study was a research program that reached out to transplant programs in the United States and Canada to follow their transplant patients with specific studies. We had many patients enrolled in the study and we were looking at the HLA and DNA of these patients to see what we could learn. We learned a lot about the value of matching the antigens when we could, but many times a patient with no matches did just as well. Once again this program helped me to fulfill my need for research. We did learn many things which are now common practice in most transplant programs. Because I have always loved research this position was precisely the type of program that I loved. My intention was to learn more than I needed to learn to fulfill my research position.

What I learned is very different than what the scientists learned, and also very different than the studies that we were doing. Most of all I learned how versatile the human body is, how it can adapt, how it can change, and always I was aware of the patients’ attitude about their medical challenges and their determination to “get well.” In each of these behaviors I was always aware of the energy in each body and how it was being affected by the mind of the patient and doctors. We were looking at transplant in relationship to the HLA and DNA, which were very important aspects of our overall research program. The more I worked and studied this program, the more convinced I became about the strength of our human body and the lessons that we are learning in our human lives. I could always see that a good transplant had to do with the chemicals that we were putting into a human body being in sync with the chemicals that were circulating already in the human body.

As I studied the genetic system, I saw things that other people did not necessarily see. I literally saw the chemical design of our eternal human life, which is the story of who we are as human beings living our eternal lives. Most of the physicians that I was working with and the rest of the research staff believed that we live only one physical life. The DNA and the HLA helped me to see the patterns of our eternal life, how our chemical pattern is changed from one life to another and how it is the same in many ways, why it is changed, and the interaction between the chemical design of us and the eternal energy of us. The chemicals that make up our internal cells also carry the internal and eternal chemical energy of us through the entire body to give us life. I could watch the chemicals create the energy and I could compare this aberration of energy (kidney failure) to the energy changes that I see when a body is overcome with cancer and is living the throes of death.

I have always eaten extremely well and do not believe in “fast foods,” because I believe in the natural foods that contain the chemicals that our body needs to give us life. Without these natural chemicals, our body cannot stay healthy and happy. Each of us is in total charge of our health and our life. The medical community as a whole does not understand the importance of eating raw from Nature as a means of sustaining our life and protecting us from disease. We can each accept personal responsibility for how we are eating, our attitude in life, our behaviors, and the emotions that we live, which creates wonders in protecting our human body and preserving our human life. The energy of our human body never dies, therefore the more we expand our human energy the more we will enjoy life and living in our eternal chain of physical human lives. Our DNA and our HLA are chemical patterns of our human life design that either give us a good body or a challenged body. We can all balance these chemical patterns that make up our human design by eating pure foods, drinking pure water, and breathing fresh air.

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