Thursday, January 19, 2012

Learning is Vital to our Growth because How We Think is Who We Are

Happy New Year!  As we begin our countdown for 2012 it is important that we begin this countdown by looking intensely at ourselves. Are we being who we want to be? Being who we want to be is not by any stretch of the imagination attempting to be someone else. Our goal is to expand our own energy into who we want to be. This is an internal exercise of our thinking mind, in conjunction with the rest of our brain and our body. We can never attempt to copy another person and be successful in our own personal growth potential, because each of us are individual people with our past, present, and future already living its human design in the precise pattern of the evolution that we have created for ourselves. If we attempt to copy someone else, we are setting an external energy in motion to abort ourselves.

When we are ignorant enough to "abort" our thinking mind, loving emotions, sensory capability, and our physical body, we are not being loving to our internal "Dual Soul and Spirit energy, and we are showing ourselves what we have not learned about our Eternal Dual Soul and Spirit energy. We learn about our own internal Dual Soul and Spirit by living our physical lives with a consciousness that never fades. It is important for us to look at every lesson that we have lived, see the wisdom of what the lesson has taught us, evaluate the lesson carefully and move it forward by several steps. We create our own reality is not just five words. These five little words are the substance and definition of our physical lives as we live them, learn from them, and consciously expand them into greater and greater levels of consciousness as our Spirit and Soul Energy are expanded and accepted. Always remember, "We are our own creation." How we think, so we are.

In the beginning of my grade school experience, I will always remember the teacher who stood in front of the class every day and greeted us with the phrase, "How we think is who we are and this is why learning is vital to our growth. My teacher's name was Ava Williams. As she taught us to think and to love ourselves I thought that her name, "Ava," meant that she was an angel teaching us how to be Spiritual or Heavenly Beings. My beliefs helped me to remember every word that she said to us, and as a six-year-old, I knew in my heart that she was speaking absolute truth, which meant that I needed to remember everything that she said. Of course her teachings related strictly to what she was supposed to be teaching us, in conjunction with State Law, but my way of thinking certainly did help my brain memorize. And the memory of this experience has always been a vital support within my thinking mind as I have grown and changed and learned to appreciate energy, especially the energy of love which comes from our Spirit Consciousness.

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