Friday, January 27, 2012

Neural Depolarization and the Satisfaction of Healing

Hello everyone! I am sorry that I have been distracted from my blog lately because I was in the process of completing two new books on Neural Depolarization which I have been writing for a while. It does feel good to have them complete and to know that people can have the benefit of what I teach to help themselves heal many forms of disease and discomfort.  Our human body is such a delight with all of its many systems working together to make us human beings that are using our internal energy to get well.  I did this form of healing on myself when I was a very young child with Rheumatic Fever.  I healed my Rheumatic Fever, and I have proceeded to become the mother of six wonderful children and to continue living the life that I have designed for myself.

Neural Depolarization is the technique that I used as a child to heal the intense pain of my Rheumatic Fever. I have had a goal to tell this story to help other people learn how to heal themselves. I spent many years having six children, helping them to grow up and create their own lives, and I have worked as an R.N. to fulfill the other goals in my life of helping people. There is a very satisfying feeling within me when I can heal another person and watch them go on with their life and live from their loving heart. I am also trying to teach people the true meaning of their energy field and how to use it. This is a time when we begin to realize that our mind is everything, so we will not even begin to “tell a lie” or to do anything else to suppress our internal energy field, but we can expand how we use our own internal energy and use it to enhance our own life and health.

These two books bring my writing up to ten books, I think.  We can heal ourselves, and knowing how to do this is very important. I have talked about different aspects of healing ourselves in all of my books, and at the present time I also do classes in Neural Depolarization, the technique that I teach to heal our body, mind, and Spirit self.

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