Thursday, April 05, 2012

My Concept of Life

My concept of life is in the living, nurturing ourselves with good clean air, organic food, pure water, and good friends. Friends are a very real factor in living a long life. The second factor is happiness. The third factor is always eating as close to a true and pure nature as possible, drink only pure water, love your friends and family as you let them love you. Love in itself is a healing energy. Our other healing energies come from the purity of the water that we drink, the air that we breathe, the foods that we eat, and the people that we hang out with during our lifetime. Honest and supportive family and friends are essential to our health and happiness. If we have family and friends that we cannot trust to speak truth to us they can compromise the energy of our entire life.

Lying, cheating, and stealing are all negative energies that we must protect ourselves from being around. These energies are detrimental to our health and happiness, unless we can recognize them and protect ourselves from taking on their energy as our energy. We always have the power to change our friends, but we do not have the power usually to change our family members. Although being a good example to our family and friends can create change within both our family and friends, this can require time and patience which "life" is worth. Once we discover the energy of love, we can begin to live our love as our normal personality, which can easily make our life much easier for us. Caring about people and loving people are how we collect love and happiness into our life with great abundance. If we can't love other people, we will not attract love into our life. The more love that we can feel from other people, the more love we will create to share with other people. We cannot share what we do not have within us and can live freely. Sharing love brings us many gifts of energy from the rest of the world. Love and sharing love are both ways for us to teach other people how to love us in return.

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