Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Healing Self

I am taking some time out of my other writing to blog for a short time. I love writing, which is what I actually do with most of my time. I am just finishing books number 9 and 10, which are both on Neural Depolarization, which is a healing technique that I use with clients and that I have used since I was an infant to heal myself. I call my technique NDP, which is short for Neural Depolarization. As an RN I have never seen a technique that is easier and more thorough than NDP, When I first moved to NC in 2004, I had two patients come to see me that were both told they would die very soon. Both patients had death staring them in the face. One patient had a huge malignant brain tumor and the other patient had a malignant liver tumor. They are both well now and healthy as they live their normal lives. I first saw both of these clients eight years ago on the verge of imminent death.

I am writing this because we have such a high instance of cancer in our world and people are dying from this disease on a daily basis. We do not have to die of cancer, but if we don’t want to die of cancer, we have to learn how to save ourselves with the foods that we eat, the water that we drink, and the air that we breathe. I have not kept track of how many people I have helped to heal themselves of cancer but it is well into the hundreds during my lifetime. To heal you must want to heal, know that you can heal yourself, and apply the rules of healing that I provide, which are a group of changes in eating, drinking, and thinking. and you must have NDP to free your body of the disease. Many men come to me with prostate cancer. This is a devastating disease for a man to endure. But prostate cancer, liver cancer, breast or uterine cancer are all fairly easy to heal especially if I can work with the disease before drugs are used or radiation is used, which adds insult to an already injured organ.

My concept of life is in the living, ----nurturing ourselves with good clean air, organic food, pure water, and good friends. Friends are a very real factor in living a long life. The second factor is happiness. The third factor is always eating as close to a true and pure nature as possible, drink only pure water, love your friends and family as you let them love you. Love in itself is a healing energy. Our healing energies come from the purity of the water that we drink, the air that we breathe, the foods that we eat, and the people that we hang out with during our lifetime. Honest and supportive family and friends are essential to our health and happiness. If we have family or friends that we cannot trust to speak truth to us they can compromise the energy of our entire life.

Lying, cheating, and stealing are all negative energies that we must protect ourselves from being around. These energies are detrimental to our health and happiness, unless we can recognize them and protect ourselves from taking on their energy as our energy. We always have the power to change our friends, but we do not have the power usually to change our family members. Although being a good example to our family and friends can create change within both our family and friends, this can require time and patience which every life is worth. Once we discover the energy of love, we can begin to live our love as our normal personality, which can easily make our life much easier for us. Caring about people and loving people are how we collect love and happiness into our life with great abundance. If we can’t love other people, we will not attract love into our life. The more love that we can feel from other people, the more love we will create to share with other people. We cannot share what we do not have within us and can freely live. Sharing love brings us many gifts of energy from the rest of the world. Love and sharing love are both ways for us to teach other people how to love us in return.

If we live with dishonesty, fear, and untruth, we are setting ourselves up to have a dramatic life. Anyone that spends their life lying, cheating, and stealing cannot be living a Spiritual life. These energy fields of lying, cheating, and stealing are all energies that we must protect ourselves from as we live in the physical world and we interact with other people. If we live our lives through lying, cheating, and stealing, we will disarm any loving energy that is within us and change our internal energy to support our lying, cheating, and stealing thinking and behaviors. Most of us are familiar with these precise levels of energy, either within our own behaviors or within other people’s behavior. We cannot be Spiritual people and live these negative behaviors at the same time. I have known many people who live these behaviors and at the same time they talk about being Spiritual, which of course can’t happen as the energies that they are living are the precise opposite energies to the loving Spirit. This helps us to understand that when we lie, cheat, and steal, we are the precise opposite of Spiritual as lethal human beings.

Lethal human beings can merrily live their lives thinking they are “Spiritual Beings,” but instead of spreading love and happiness around them, they are spreading fear, anger, and hate. The individuals that are involved in this charade are many times unaware of what they are sharing and how it makes other people feel during conversations. We should always evaluate ourselves and become conscious of the truth of our own internal energy. When we are living with fear, we will always take advantage of other people’s kindness. When we are living untruth, we will always take advantage of other people’s need to seek truth. Taking the time to sit down and write about the truth of our own behavior helps us to identify the lies that we are living and helps us to understand what we must change before we can be a Spiritual being.

Lying, cheating, and stealing are all negative behaviors and any time that we are living these behaviors we cannot live as a Spiritual Being, because our energies will be opposite energies to the Ethical loving behaviors. When we mislead ourselves about the truth of our own personal behaviors, it does not make us Spiritual, but it does make us slide downward into the negative part of our mind which prevents any Spiritual Energy being present within us as we live. Our life is always our own creation, even when we steal from other people. Living the energy of our own world is the truth of what we do and who we are. If we want to be loving Spiritual individuals, we must live our Spirituality, which means that we never at any time steal anything, lie about anything, or misrepresent ourselves as something that we are not.

We can only heal ourselves through the loving energy of our Spirit Self. As we live anger, fear, hate, or any other negative energy we are betraying our own loving energy, which will throw us off balance, make us sick, and perhaps lead to our death. We must always live the love, truth, and equality of our Spiritual Design to heal ourselves.

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