Monday, October 20, 2014

The Ultimate Pattern of Learning

 When we are not aware of our Spirit Consciousness and/or our hidden memories that we are still collecting, our hidden memories continue to exist internally as energy in the neurons of our Spirit Consciousness (thinking mind, loving emotions, and infinite Spirit senses) existing as the trinity energy structure and function of our human brain. Once we can understand that our hidden memories always become a part of our Spirit Consciousness energy as our thinking mind, loving emotions, and Spirit senses that move with us from one life to the next life eternally as physical beings, we begin to see the ultimate pattern of learning and evolution that we have been living as an energy being living in physical matter.  When we live with a one-physical-life belief, we cannot access our hidden memories or appreciate the constant and consistent role they play in our physical lives as we grow and change.

Before we can understand our hidden memories, we must learn to understand and accept the Dual Soul and Spirit structure and function of us as human beings that are living through the eternal life of our Spirit Consciousness, and we must accept that we are eternal beings living endless physical lives. The energy of our Spirit Consciousness always remains a constant as expanding energy fields that are living growth and change as our internal evolution in each of our physical lifetimes. The concept of evolution shows us the pattern of growth and change within our thinking mind, loving emotions, and Spirit senses that we are designed to live and to learn from our physical experiences of endless lives that expose us to knowledge. 

Everything that we learn remains with us as part of our hidden memories.

 We can only begin to understand our own eternal and internal energy when we can challenge our thinking mind to begin the eternal process of learning who we are through opening our thinking mind to new thought, which expands our thinking mind into our loving emotions to complete the design and function of our Dual male and female Soul Consciousness, as a thinking mind and loving emotions. It is the energy of our Trinity of Consciousness growth that reflects into our physical growth as we change the way that we relate to our expanding thinking mind.

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