Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What It Means to Use Our Brain

We are Spiritual beings that live an eternal life by creating multiple physical lives in which we can learn and grow in relationship to ourselves, other people, Nature, Earth, and the Universe. Because we are designed to store our memories, we have hidden them from ourselves by storing them in  the brain neurons that we are not yet using. When we haven't learned how to use our brain, we have not necessarily restored our memory in each life, but that does not mean that we will never have the capability to restore these hidden memories, look at them carefully, and ask ourselves what we have learned from living the experience. Our growth and change should always be equal to our internal and external experiences of life.

As we study Spiritual Philosophy, we begin to see the patterns of life that we have created. Some of these patterns may serve us well and some may not serve us at all as we grow beyond the level of energy within the physical experience. But when we can look carefully at our hidden memories, we can understand our physical lives much better, and we can see why we chose the experiences that we chose to learn the lessons that we learned. Nothing is accidental in the growth and change of our Dual Soul.

We cannot retrieve our hidden memories as the facts of our past life experiences until our thinking mind is open to recognizing itself. Our dreams are frequently fleshed out with images, voices, behaviors, and emotions that we accept as figments of our imagination. Is any part of our physical life truly a figment of our imagination? For some minds, no, and for other minds, yes, but our needs are dictated by the issues that we need to learn and to grow and change beyond the level of energy that is its basis. For the most part, we are literally afraid to let our thinking mind open to its eternal reality and to show us snatches of our past life experiences, because we do not believe that we live more than one life. Each life is a continuation of our internal growth and change as a Dual Soul that is living its journey through our physical life.

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