Monday, January 05, 2015

Know Which Energy You Are Actively Using in Your Daily Life

As energy beings, we live a life that goes far beyond our concept of our physical life. As energy beings we travel with the speed of light. Therefore we can visit other energy beings that are not in physical form at this moment in time, and we can also visit physical people who are not living in the general vicinity of our physical home. Making energy visits is common for our Spirit Consciousness and it helps us learn as a consciousness energy living in physical matter. Energy never sets limitations on itself.  It loves freedom and it loves visiting other energy beings that it knows.  When we gather together as energy beings, we can have an enormous energy field that can literally “move mountains.”  Not all mountains are made out of rock and dirt.  Some are made out of belief systems that use a conflicting force to stop the energy movement, especially when the energy is not fully understood and it is afraid of competition.  As energy beings we all have the ability to resist and to create.  Know which energy you are actively using in your daily life.  We always image the energy from the exact level of our thinking mind evolution, primarily because we are basically fearful of energy and our internal change is slow to acknowledge our true energy potential.

 Imaging is a way that we can use the energy of our Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness in the physical reality.  When we focus on what we want, we can create what we want. Imaging is our energy exercise. The matter supports the energy in creating what we want. We have to understand imaging before we can accept that we are Spirit Consciousness living in matter. It is important that everyone focuses on the same thing, or one person can erase the focus of many people and make the entire experience negative. The thinking mind is our creator, which can be very positive or very negative as it totally depends upon the level of energy that we are living in our physical life. Our thinking and our emotions have a dramatic effect upon whether or not we heal our own personal energy. When we are thinking externally, we will be violent, combative, arrogant, destructive, and hostile towards ourselves and other people. When we recognize the beauty of our internal and eternal design, we will be loving, peaceful, cooperative (non-combative), and we will do everything in our consciousness power to live a peaceful and productive life as we teach other people to love their Spirit Consciousness.

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