Friday, January 09, 2015

The Sword and the Pen

If man will look at his own life, he will find indications of physical changes that coincided with spiritual changes internally. The physical world of man is designed to create restriction. Opening to the Universal Consciousness is an embracement of freedom. This freedom consciousness will always find symbolic freedom within the physical world.

During this period of expansive spiritual evolvement which my scribe experienced, she had two very significant dreams. She was working through her resistance in her sleep, in her everyday physical world, and in her mind as she increased her silence. My scribe has never fully subscribed to any belief system. This made her more open to the inner self and higher self from birth.

She had learned to deal with her soul memories and her multiple sensing capabilities. She had not only learned to accept her guides but she found them to be friends who were always there to guide and teach her. She had accepted them  in her life from the moment of birth and didn’t truly understand for many years that not everyone had invisible friends. To her they were very practical. She saw them and assumed that everyone else did. 

When man opens to the Universal Consciousness, he opens himself to the integrated energy of the spirit world. Within this energy there is understanding , there is freedom, there is liberation, there is light, and there is infinite space. This infinite space is a sense of infinite height, depth, and expansiveness that can’t be adequately described in your language. In physical terms the Universe would feel as expansive as the world that you understand.

In the physical world the consciousness is narrow and personal. It is confined within the physical body. It is seen as a world of you and you relate your world to your career, your friends, and your family. If you do not allow anyone else in your world, if you are not close to friends, family, or colleagues, your personal physical consciousness is even more restricted. If you are constantly forcing your body into a tighter and tighter physical restriction, you are forcing the inner you into a tighter and  tighter physical restriction. You are struggling physically, mentally, and spiritually. This is the physical symbolism of restriction. You are not open to BEING.

As my scribe received communication from me, she began her expansion process. This has taken place over many years of her life. The first dream occurred many years ago and I will relate it to you because it will help some of you with the understanding of the readiness within you to expand to the Universal Consciousness.
In my scribe’s dream she found herself in this huge open expanse of a structure that resembled an airport hangar. There was a round dome-like metal structure.  She was alone in this structure and her entire body was bound tightly with string. She saw herself as very minute in this huge ball of cord which was wrapped around and around her countless times.

Suddenly, this genie appeared by her side and handed her a sword with which to cut her strings. She took the sword and examined it carefully. To her it looked very strange because it was not like any sword that she had ever seen before. It was long, thin, and had feathers at one end.

After a moment she decided that she could, indeed, cut the strings with this strange looking sword. So she began her task, one string at a time, until finally the string fell away from her body and lay in fragments at her feet.

With the strings lying around her feet, she felt her body beginning to expand. It grew slowly until it reached her normal  size. She stood still for a moment, turning around and around in this expansive, open structure. She felt liberated and free.

Suddenly she realized that she was all alone. It felt good for a few moments but she knew she wasn’t ready to live her life in this expansive emptiness. She look around carefully at the walls until she found what she assumed was a door. 

As she started to walk toward the door she sensed that there were millions of people waiting for her just beyond the opening. She felt their hostility and their anger. She knew without a doubt that each and every person was carrying a weapon.

 She started laughing and walked up to the door.  As she opened the door, she saw millions of people with their weapons forming a double line in front of her. The liens were deep with people as far back as she could see.

She stepped through the door and started walking among the people. As she walked, she talked to them and smiled at them. One by one they laid down their weapons and began to  return her love with their own greetings.

As my scribe continued to work with me in her sleep and her conscious state, we discussed this dream. The dream was her physical interpretation of the spiritual evolution that she was undergoing to do the work that she is now doing.

The airport hangar was the Universal Consciousness. The strings were her physical resistance. The sword was the method of releasing the resistance or the strings from her body. The sword was later seen as a quill pen which was symbolic of our writing. The people that were waiting for her with weapons were the physical concerns that she had about people accepting the work that we would do. 

This dream was a reoccurring dream for many years. As the details of the dream changed they were always symbolic of the internal changes that she had made.  

(from Bridges of Consciousness, 85-88)

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