Monday, April 27, 2015

The Path of Joy and the Path of Desire

For each event within the life of man there are alternative paths. If man can choose the path of joy, he will be choosing the path of the soul. The path of joy must not be confused with the path of desire. Joy within the inner self and desire within the ego self are two separate emotions for man.  They should not be confused.

Desire is a craving of the ego and is a chameleon within your physical world. Desire is a “concept of need” in disguise. Man “needs” only himself and the Earth from which he lives. Desire is an “ego craving” with sexual implications within your physical world. This is consistent with the focus of man on the physical, the ego self of man.
Man can want for more joy and he can create more joy. Want is the choice of man.
When the child is young, the soul speaks more fluently and with more freedom. Have you ever heard a young child say, ‘I desire’ or ‘I need’? The young child wants what he sees as joy and happiness within his young world. There is no ego involved with the request. There is no ‘need’ involved. When the child reaches the stage of the ‘concept of need,’ he will be developing a belief system, an ego which he will be serving.

As man progresses through the Law of Sevens (see The Joy of Health, my first book) in development, you will frequently hear, ‘I desire,’ or ‘I need.’ Indeed, the concept of need has not only become a reality, it has become a controlling function. The craving of the ego as desire then becomes a controlling factor within the life of man. It can become an obsession within the life of man.

The soul consciousness is the inner self. Man functions externally more than he functions internally. This is a learned function that is directed by the ego and the belief system. For man to abandon the physical world and become obsessed with the spiritual world or the world of the soul is again more of an ego function than a true soul and spirit function. When man seeks the inner and higher self on an intellectual basis only, he is not truly accessing his inner and higher self.

Man is seeking balance. He should not abandon the physical world. He needs only to open up the inner self, the soul of self and the higher self, the spirit of self, and allow a balance to be established with the physical self, the ego self. This is truly creating balance within the body, mind, and spirit of man.

Bridges of Consciousness, The Soul Consciousness

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