Thursday, May 07, 2015

Being a Friend and Making Friendship an important Energy within You

It IS the mind that builds your world. Your body and your life are the results of activity within your mind. It is our purpose to help you understand your life activity and to heal any bruises that you may be attached to. Releasing the fear from your life will allow you to understand the wisdom of integration and balance.

The mind has been created by what we call the physical mind, which is the intellect and the ego; the rational mind, which is the soul memories; and the intuitive mind, which is the spirit energy.

You visit each space individually. They are your interior castles, the mansions of your mind. As you grow in wisdom adn understanding you integrate these three facets of the mind until you have a smooth flowing channel of energy that circles through them all. This is known as integration. Friendship is one image of the lesson of integration.

It is my wish to encourage each of you to make friendship a very important energy within you. Be willing to communicate freely, openly, and truthfully.

Understand that giving and receiving in friendship means to give the energy that you wish to receive in return.

Being a friend is being willing to give and to receive openly, without judgment, and without resistance. If all of your relationships can begin with a very solid, truthful friendship, they will last you through a lifetime.

Relationships that are lasting have their own special benefits in the physical world as well as in the spiritual world. Knowing that you have a true friend that you can talk to when you "need" to talk, will many times help you maintain your balance within your physical world.

All relationships will benefit you in your soul evoution in a way that will be impossible for you to perhaps comprehend on a conscious level. The energy of friends is interwoven, intermingled, interpenetrated and inseparable.

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