Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our internal Nervous System is the Spirit guide

Our internal Nervous System is the Spirit guide of our Dual Soul and our physical life. We cannot live when we totally abuse our Nervous System without any knowledge of what we are doing or why we are doing it. Our Nervous System functions as a chemistry laboratory, giving us every capability that we must have to live a normal life of learning and growth. When we disable any part of our Nervous System, our physical life changes because we have changed the capability of our physical body to perform, of our thinking mind to think objectively and to communicate from the heart, of our loving emotions to subjectively function in partnership with our thinking and speaking mind, and of our three-dimensional Spirit senses to qualify the multiple responses to life that we feel.

When we begin to pay attention to how we breathe, we can discover and correct any habitual patterns that are unhealthy for our Nervous System and our physical body. Maintaining health is not just one focus but it is a whole itnernal focus of "thinking and being" that allows us to live with the optimal physical energy that we are designed to be and enjoy.

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