Friday, September 25, 2015

Earth is a living planet.

Earth is a living temple for consciousness. The purpose for earth, the purpose of the superconsciousness in the other planets, is to expand the energy of the Creator, to provide for the Creator the loving energy that he feels, to give and to receive, to feel the freedom, to know the joy, to be in the love.

When you doubt that you can change, look at the story of earth--earth that has been around as the symbol of evolution for man for five hundred billion years as we understand time, and it is still changing. Earth has changed consistently from the beginning of the growth of physical matter, from the moment of the core of earth igniting.

There is nothing accidental about you or your path of evolution or your level of evolution. Each time you have come into earth with awareness you have come into this earth with lessons of evolution. It is essential that you see the connection between you and earth and that you understand the harmony, the rhythm and the evolution of us as human beings that have a spirit consciousness that is higher than all other matter, all other living life within the Universe.

Each life that you create through your human conscousness is created to focus you upon your path through the learning of a lesson.

All lessons must begin in the physical and move into Soul and into Spirit -- which then must be manifested upon earth, completing the cycle of energy of learning to be human.

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