Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The purpose of your life will be directed by the lessons that you have been working with from childhood.

As you grow into adulthood, it is extremely valuable to go back into the energy of childhood memories and look at what you learned. Look with total clarity and no concept of blame. Do not focus on what you feel that you did not learn but focus entirely upon what you did learn. Release your attachment to the negative and dwell only on the positive.

In the beginning you may feel resistance at this exercise. Continue to work with the memories. Remember the fun and the joy of your life. All memory will not return instantly.

Continue to review the experiences from birth to the present over and over again. As your perception of yourself consciously changes, your past memories will change. You will begin to see them with a totally different perspective. You will begin to feel good about yourself and what you have learned.

This exercise rquires a commitment to growth and to discovering yourself with love. It is not a "quick fix" that you can think about for five minutes and be satisfied. It requires months and years of discernment of self. This in turn requires courage, commitment, and love of yourself.

As you work with these memories of childhood and your mother and father, you will find other memories that interact. These memories will include other memories of your family beginning with sisters and brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, best friends, and on and on.

In the Spirit world these family members and close friends are all soul and spirit family members. The interaction that you remember was the acting upon the stage of your life. You were involved in the drama of growing, learning, and soul evolution. You wrote your script and you played the lead. You are now what you have created by the drama.

As an adult, you now have the opportunity to repeat the drama as a parent of children. You become the primary teacher. You will choose to be or not to be a parent. The choice will be made according to lesson that you have chosen. You will have alternate plans available to you. In being a parent you will act the lessons that you have learned thus far in life.

The lessons that you have accepted with understanding will be captured within your unconcious memory and you will focus upon that memory as easily as you will focus upon your conscious  memory. If you purposefully return in memory to the positive energies of your life, you will allow yourself to discover your purpose for life. The purpose of your life will be directed by the lessons that you have been working with from childhood. Each and every event will have its purpose and its message.

Immediate Family Relationships (Sharing: Self Discovery in Relationships) (132)

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