Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ethnic Relationships, Soul Evolution, Growth, Change, and Drama

When we discuss ethnic relationships, we discuss soul evolution, and we discuss growth, change, and drama. The soul and spirit, when it is created, knows that it has many lessons to learn. These lessons are learned within relationships.

Each and every lesson learned is relative to the interaction that occurs in your life. If the interaction between two people is compounded by a difference in ethnic beliefs, the dramas and the traumas image the lessons in a vivid and expansive manner.
The energy of critical mass is the strongest energy source created by man. Critical mass energy is an energy force within the Universe that is created by the energy of man and his beliefs.

There is physical interaction, there is soul interaction, and there is spirit interaction. Each of these interactions occurs at different levels of consciousness within you. Each level of consciousness has a different energy force and a different level for you to understand.

It is important for you to realize that the interaction of a lifetime is indeed a choice. In the spirit sense, man is a member of a spirit family. In the soul sense, the soul and spirit move through each choice of life—learning, growing, changing, evolving, and creating.

Soul and spirit evolution is focused upon the understanding and love of self, the truth, and the perfection of the spirit world. Each life that man chooses is his individual choice and how he lives it is his choice. Choice is based upon the level of conscious awareness within the intellect/ego mind.

The first ethnic family of your world is the human race. The first ethnic group is the individual man.

The individual does not understand his own uniqueness as a physical being, a soul, and a spirit. He does not understand his power. He does not understand the soul and spirit energy within. Each of you have chosen to be free individuals. You have chosen to learn to love yourself first.

The dramas that you create to learn your lesson of individual freedom are unique within each individual. Man is focused upon his physical being. Understanding freedom as the energy of the soul and spirit will help you understand your choice of lessons. It is the inner energy force seeking freedom that creates the reflection of loss of freedom within the physical world.

No two individuals follow exactly the same path in their soul evolution, not even twin souls. Yet all of man follows the same purpose and that purpose is to BE unconditional love.

When man loves himself, he can then love his neighbor as himself, and his God as himself. In your choice of lives, loving self with the freedom of self-discovery and total self-realization under any physical circumstance is the important issue.

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