Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Energy of the Thinking Mind

What is our thinking mind?

Our thinking mind is part of the design of our human brain that we have been using as a small part of our brain’s left upper lobe. This area of thinking is very small in proportion to the brain area available to us to grow into and to use. We cannot grow into the fullness of our thinking mind when our mind is controlled by fear and our ego beliefs that we have established as the patterns of our thinking mind during our infinite lifetimes of being human and living in a physical body. The most restricting beliefs that we have as human beings are the beliefs that we have about who we are as physical beings that live only one physical lifetime. The source of our negative, fearful beliefs is our interpretation of ancient religious teachings. Once we can understand that we are energy and matter in our human design, we will understand that the energy of us never dies but it returns to Earth in a new physical body to continue with its growth of thinking and understanding self.

Our thinking mind is a collection of many different levels of energy that we have stored during multiple lifetimes. When we are using only a small portion of our thinking mind, which is responsible for our absolute creations in our life, we will have no true memories of our very real past life experiences as energy beings. Because our thinking mind is an eternal part of our Spirit Consciousness, everything that we think becomes an essential memory within our Spirit Consciousness. This can help us to understand that when we fill our memory with false beliefs, we will in time need to replace them before we can truly use our Spirit Consciousness in the truth of its loving pattern. We are designed to learn about ourselves as a loving Spirit Consciousness energy that gives life to our physical matter. When we are living from our fear, we create all of the physical challenges of fear within our physical life because our thinking mind cannot see the beauty of itself and how to create happiness, health, and joy within our physical world.

The seminar will include hands-on “energy experience” for participants to learn their own energy and another’s energy. This will be fun!

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