Monday, January 19, 2009

How We Affect the Universal Consciousness

Coming face to face with this information may not be totally comfortable in the ego sense. Allow the ego to take a nap. Let the mind to be open, because even if you do not believe my words, if you allow your mind to be open, the soul and spirit can be triggered.

When you work with self, work with self in terms of remembering the connections between the physical you, and the soul and spirit of you. Do not focus on the physical process of any act, but focus on the energy within your mind, because we are not about physical processes. We created the physical process when we created self, the physical body that you call You. It is important to connect soul and spirit, and that can only be done by us and through the work that we do with the energies of our own soul and spirit.

We can be guided but it can never be done for us. It is, as all things are, our own creation. And it is only when we will work with self to remember the energy of the soul and spirit within us that we can truly connect the three.

In the physical world there can be many reasons presented by the ego to not work with soul and spirit. We can not have the money, not have time, not have motivation. If we allow those physical priorities to block us in our work then we are accepting the resistance of the physical. To connect the soul and spirit of self consciously, through total awareness in our physical world, is the most magnificent gift that we can give ourself. The relationship of our soul and spirit to our physical world is so much more magnificent than what we see as ourself through our physical eyes, and when we resist the connection, we resist the magnificence and the love of self.

As we work to connect these energies of self, we will begin to see changes occurring within our world. We will see less drama, fewer illnesses, a loss of time at times. We will see an energy being created around us that is expansive and magnificent. And it will trigger in memory the times that as a child we saw our spirit energy in relationship to our physical self. Do you understand this? It is through the physical that we live in a structured, restricted, bounded energy. The intellect is the floppy disc of our mind. Use your main frame! Expand yourself! Allow yourself to be connected, to be in the energy of soul and spirit in your daily world.

When we perceive ourself through the perspective of our importance, of our status, of our physical possessions, we are perceiving ourself in terms of physical. When we perceive ourself as to our identity, as to our education, as to our family, as to our religion, we are connecting to a physical identification system that creates boundaries of beliefs, boundaries that restrict us. It is okay to be all that we can be, to connect all that we are, and to be proud of all that we are! In this physical life it is when we can see that perspective from the love of soul and spirit, not from the physical perspective but from the spirit perspective, that we acknowledge our level of awareness. We can look within ourself and see where we are, and it is through this inner work that we grow.

Acknowledging the ego as not being supreme, as not being in control, acknowledging self as love, as total love, is learning the lesson of unconditional love. And in the book of God, the lesson of love is learning to love ourself. Once we learn to love ourself we have acknowledged love of the physical as our neighbor, and God as our spirit, and soul as all that we have ever been, ever will be, and are now. This has been symbolized in the physical world by the love of all that is around us – the love of Nature, the love of the Creator. Until we can acknowledge and connect the energy of self, we cannot be total love, total unconditional love. Unconditional love is the opposite of judgement. When we find ourself judging, we will know it is an ego assessment. When we find yourself loving, we will know we have the spirit connected within us.

One of the most perfect ways to look at self is to look at relationships. Our relationships are a mirror image of self. We will attract within the other person the energy that is dominant within us. When we find ourself attracting an energy that is not dominant within us, we will find ourself walking away from the relationship. Looking at the internal us and seeing the kind of life we have created, the relationships that we have created, we will be looking at self and the design for self. Nothing that we have created is right or wrong. It is a lesson of connection of soul and spirit. When we look at relationships, do not look at the relationship to blame or to judge, because when we do we are only blaming or judging self. Look to the relationship to find the lesson. To find the lesson for self creates the connection we are searching for with soul and spirit energy.

To not blame or not judge is to allow the ego to be balanced. It is to allow the connection to be there for the physical, the soul and the spirit. It is to allow self to be all that we can be, to live in the love of self.

In the society that is focused on judgement, blame, and this is everywhere within your culture, we will create destruction through disease, dramas, wars, traumas, because we are looking to get our attention. We are looking to perceive life in a different way. In this culture we create for ourself a hell within our life and within our world. When we perceive ourself with love and our world with love, we create for ourself a heaven within our life and a heaven within our world.

Connecting ourself in the physical and the soul and the spirit energy then repeats itself as a connection with the Universal and the cosmic energy. So if we focus only upon the physical, only upon judgement, blame, we connect ourself to the negative energy of the Universe, and the cosmic consciousness. If we focus only upon love, our loving energy is then connected to the stream of consciousness that is loving. When the stream of consciousness that is loving, when the individual is connected to the soul and spirit, the individuals as they expand become connected to this Universal and cosmic consciousness of love which then changes the society and the culture. So as an individual we create not only our own personal life, but we help to create the life of our society and our culture.

To blame the church or to blame the government or the educational or health care system is not effective. To help each individual into the connected energy of their soul and spirit, they will then expand the energy of love and those individuals who are expanding into love are those individuals who create religion, who create education, who create all facets of your physical world. Do you see how this energy becomes cyclic and creates all that is?

Understanding the effect that we have upon the Universal consciousness will help us to understand the importance of making this connection between our soul and spirit and our physical being, because it allows us to see our power of creation! Our world is as we have all created it to be. Our life is as we have created it to be. If we are happy, if we are loving, if we are living in the energy of understanding our own freedom, of being aware of the connection within self, then we are truly living in the perfection of our life. That is perfect. Look for the lessons, look to self. We are the creator of our life and our world. There is no one else to blame. There is no one else to judge. We create our world whether or not we are conscious; whether we have a conscious awareness of how we create this world does not decrease from the reality that we did create it. Becoming consciously aware of the connection of the three facets of self gives us the opportunity to create what we want, instead of creating without an awareness that allows us to feel that we are a victim of the circumstances of Earth, of society, of another. In perceiving self as the creator, as the connected energy of the physical, the soul, and the spirit, we acknowledge our power of creation and then we have the opportunity to focus on creating precisely what we want. The secret in that statement is – if we create from a concept of need in the survival mode, we are creating from ego energy. It is truly simple, and only we create the complexity, the dramas. Allowing ourself to remember our connection, to be in the energy of soul and spirit, balanced with the physical, will take back our power and we use our power in every moment of our creation. We use it with a conscious awareness of what we do and what we want to do.

At that moment we can no longer consider ourself a victim of circumstance or we will slide back into the ego energy. This is how the tug of war is created. Are we focused on survival needs and being a victim? Or are we creating what we want, consciously, with total awareness. Do you see the difference? This is the manifestation of the connection of soul and spirit energy through our physical life. And each of us can look at our physical life and not judge it but perceive how it is being created by us.

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