Monday, January 05, 2009

Man and His Energies

With so much to think about and appreciate in our world, why do we continue to make disease a major focus of our society?
When I look at our world today, I see disease as a major focus of society. We must change this focus to Spiritual Philosophy. Many of you will look at my words and immediately respond, where is the sense in treating the human species with Spiritual Philosophy? The sense becomes very clear once we understand what Spiritual Philosophy truly is. Spiritual Philosophy teaches us about the energy of us that we use through our thinking mind, loving emotions, and infinite Spirit Senses. I have been teaching Spiritual Philosophy since 1984, and I have seen people heal themselves, their lives, and their relationships. I have been a Registered Nurse since 1951 and I have worked in many wonderful positions. I have learned enormous amounts of rather intricate information about the human experience, which has allowed me to understand the importance of change in our health status as a human being. We should be living healthy lives for hundreds of years before it becomes necessary for us to return to a new physical life.

My forty years as an R.N. have not shown me the dramatic change in healing that I have seen in my twenty-four years of living and teaching Spiritual Philosophy. Spiritual Philosophy allows us to feel better about ourselves, take better care of ourselves, and to value our family and friends at a deeper level than we may have ever thought about before. Once we understand the truth of Spiritual Philosophy, we no longer live in fear, which is a dramatic change for most of our thinking minds. We begin to accept that we are eternal as energy beings, although we must change our human body when we wear it out so that we can continue with our eternal life. Once we understand this phenomenon of being both energy and matter, we can easily accept and be ecstatically happy in each and every life that we live. Life itself is a learning process. We learn whether or not we do it consciously within our thinking mind. Learning helps us to grow and change in our next lifetime to create a happier and longer life span.

Science now has the capability to prove that we live more than one lifetime and to track our multiple lives as we move from one life to another. Years ago I spent several years of my nursing career working with the DNA and HLA research. This research showed me more fully than any other information that I have been exposed to that we live more than one lifetime. Naturally, this was not the result of the research study because all research studies follow protocols and our physical beliefs, which limit what we look at, how we look at any one given aspect of a study, and how we interpret what we find. Our beliefs have been interfering with scientific interpretation since the beginning of science. This has not necessarily been acknowledged or accepted because we have an "only one life" religious belief, which limits our every thought, especially when we are dealing with HLA and DNA information.

We are eternal as energy beings, but we are finite as physical beings in each separate physical lifetime. It is our "energy" that returns into infinite lifetimes of matter to learn and grow from the physical experiences that we live. We can see how we focus on different lessons in any one lifetime. Once we recognize ourselves as Eternal Energy Beings, we will be open to doing research which we can bring back with us into our next life memory as physical human beings. When science accepts us as eternal beings, we will be able to track our own physical evolution through multiple lifetimes, which we will be able to do by using the DNA. One of the most important methods of research is our memory that comes back with us into multiple lifetimes, once we "overload" of fill up our thinking mind. This is the basis of what I teach as Spiritual Philosophy. Tapping into our past life memory is essential to understanding ourselves, but we will not open our thinking mind to this realization until we can understand the theory that we live multiple physical lives.

This can also be the basis of the Philosophical/DNA research that we could each be involved in to further the understanding of ourselves as living multiple physical lives. Many children will return into a new life with past life memory of physical experiences they lived in another physical life. I did this as a child so this helps me to understand that other people will and can do the same thing, but until we can understand ourselves as eternal human beings, we will not accept that we have past life memory. The Philosophical teachings that I am now involved with are primarily from my earlier lives that I lived as philosophers. We can change the world by changing the way that we think. If you are interested in this approach to understanding yourself, please join our journey into a new definition of our human self.

This year I plan to begin research into this fascinating topic and someday prove that we are eternal as thinking and growing minds, loving emotions, and Spirit Senses as the energy of our multiple past lives. We always create new physical bodies for each lifetime, but the memory of our past lives is at all times stored in the memory cells of our human brain, which we will not allow ourselves to access unless we are open to believing in past lives. We will never find the eternal connections that we have as a thinking mind to our past lives if we do not begin to look for the connection. The more people that we have studying Spiritual Philosophy who are willing to be part of this research, the more significant our research will be. I am not talking about past life memory regression, but I am talking about conscious memory recognition, which people cannot fudge. It is important for people to learn about Spiritual Philosophy before such work can be authentically done.

My Spiritual Philosophy focus for 2009 is Being Spiritual: The Merging of Our Ethical Values as the Energy Fields of Our Daily Lives. My first seminar for the year is January 18th - Our True Relationship to Physical Energy and Why We Create Disease. Come join our classes and learn about the eternal life of yourself as an energy being that is living in physical matter.

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