Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Is Energy?

What is energy? How can energy be the essence of our life and our love? Our lives are designed as physical experiences and our love is designed as an emotional experience. They are at all times intertwined as energy, which means we can never totally separate the two. Energy is the source of Human "life" and "love" upon Earth. Earth itself is an unbelievable energy source that gives human beings the ability to live physical life and growth, as well as allowing us to be thinking, emotional, loving, and sensory beings. The most important aspect of us as energy beings is that we take on physical mater and therefore we have the gift of living as human beings. As humans, we arrived on Earth as a "bundle of energies." As energy beings we live with the full intention of constant growth and change, which allows us to become conscious of ourselves as physical beings that are meant to learn from the physical experiences that we live.

We are not only created from the sperm and ovum of our fathers and mothers, which are powerful energies, but we are created from the energy of air, water, and foods that are grown in the soil of Earth that is an energy, therefore we live as an energy of Earth and the Universe, which is the reason that we must constantly interact with other Human Beings, Nature, Earth, and the Universe. Each design of Earth, nature, the Universe, and Humanity is intricately interwoven and interdependent upon this energy for the growth and change of each of us and everything else upon Earth throughout history. Our chemical design defines us as energy interdependent beings that exist as part of Earth, nature, the Universe, and each other as the energy of the human species.

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