Monday, March 03, 2014

Emerging into the Truth of Self

To live the energy of saving ourselves, we must accept personal responsibility to learn and to live the entire energy of love as the truth and equality of our own human design.  The value of saving ourselves is the studying of ourselves as Spiritual energy beings that are living eternally as human beings that must learn the truth of themselves through the teachings of Spiritual Philosophy before they can recognize themselves, Earth, and the Universe around them as the energy of "Other Worlds" that exist independently within the energy of Earth.  When we believe that we live only one life, we deny the Spiritual Energy of us that is eternal.

The value of studying Spiritual Philosophy is that it helps us to think more clearly within our thinking mind, which will allow us to emerge from the depths of fear to an understanding of self and the chemical energy that gives us life   As humans we are the most important source of life on Earth as energy beings.  The thinking mind is an emerging consciousness.  It never thinks the same way twice because it is an evolving and expanding energy that is searching for the energy of its own love that is constantly expanding in its growth and change.  Emergence is the pattern of our growth as a thinking mind into Spirit Consciousness that incorporates the thinking mind, loving emotions, and infinite Spirit Senses into one Spirit Consciousness within each human being.

Our physical body emerges from the chemical energy of the sperm and ovum.  As our thinking mind emerges from its cocoon, it is emerging into the truth of itself as the love of our chemical design.  Spiritual Philosophy defines what it means for the “biology” of us to discover the origins of itself as energy and matter.  As we emerge from our external thinking mind into an internal thinking mind and we use our realization of this changing substructure of thought, we begin to see how our thinking mind is expanding its own pattern of self, as consciousness.  As our thinking mind changes, our perception “of self” and life changes.  For example, as our thinking mind is expanding its own pattern of thought it emerges gradually and slowly into a new image of self.  Said another way, as our thinking mind emerges gradually from its physical focus, it begins to see the image of itself as energy that is constantly growing, changing, and morphing into a greater energy field.   

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