Monday, March 17, 2014

Our Body That Is Our Joy

Internally we know that our physical self is fragile. It is this realization that allows us to be compulsively concerned with our physical health. The ego is at all times conscious that if we become aware of who we are, change will have an effect upon our belief in our physical reality. The ego knows that it is as finite as our physical body and it fears for itself and the body in which it lives. It is from our intellectual view of reality that our beliefs are created from the primitive perceptions within our developing soul mind.

Our body that is our joy has been created by the slowing down of soul and spirit energy to magnetize physical matter. Each time that we choose to become physical, we design a physical body that will support us in our life design of lessons. We learned the pattern for our physical development during the first dimension of our creation, when we very methodically and with total freedom of choice chose the perfect elements for our human form.

We are an electromagnetic energy of Spirit consciousness. When we began to slow down and magnetize matter, we polarized our self into our personal pattern of evolution. We designed our physical pattern to integrate our mind and body with nature, allowing us to stay in a total harmony and rhythm with the evolution of Earth and the Universe.

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