Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Personal Creation

There is no mystery to our lives. We have always been the same soul and spirit that we are today. The only difference is the focus of our mind and emotions. As human beings, we are created as a dual soul of male and female consciousness. In our male consciousness we have not been aware that we have a female consciousness and a Spirit consciousness that are guiding us every moment of our lives. As we change to our female focus, we become conscious of the actualization of our dual soul consciousness. What has been concealed from us is revealed to us as we integrate with our female consciousness. In our female consciousness we can access our Spirit consciousness. We can never access our Spirit consciousness while we live in our limited male consciousness of the intellect and ego because of our limiting and concealing beliefs.

As we remove our concealing beliefs that we have created from our ancient and primitive superstitions, symbols, myths, and rituals, we reveal the beauty and power of our Trinity of consciousness. Expanding our consciousness by removing our beliefs is just the beginning of our consciousness expansion. As we live our love we create a different life on earth. We begin to nurture ourselves, each other, our planet Earth, nature, and we will also begin to nurture our relationship with the universe. As we understand ourselves, we will understand the universe.

As we open to the realization of ourselves and our connection with the universe, we will define the universe from the fractal pattern of our consciousness and physical design. We are a precise fractal pattern of the universe. As we begin to understand our cellular structure the pattern of our life will reveal the secrets of the universe. As we understand ourselves and open to the knowledge of the universe, we will put to rest all of the illusions that our immature male consciousness has created as its illusions of reality.

Our interpretation of the physical experiences of our life have all been formed from our limited intellect and ego. Our beliefs have mutated our experiences and given us a concealed or veiled impression of ourself and our reality. We have created everything on Earth from the thoughts that live within our mind and that are limited by our beliefs and fears. Once we have a thought our next step is to create the thought as our physical reality. Therefore each and every thing that we use today as the fruits of our technology began as a thought in someone's mind. When we create from our beliefs and our fears, we create illusion or we conceal our behavior and our creation. This is the story of our criminal minds. Each day we live with the creations of technology that had its foundation in the thought of some clever and advanced soul mind.

All things on Earth began with thought, even the creation of new life. In our male consciousness, new life was triggered by a physical desire for sex. In our female consciousness, our love created the new life into human form and then nursed the child into an expansion of the mind, emotions, and body. Therefore, we have constantly lived with the precise pattern of creation. There is no mystery left to the creation of human life. What we continue to conceal with our religious beliefs is the soul's constant return to its eternal life in physical form. Our belief in only one life limits our perception of reality as our personal creation.

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