Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Emotional Lessons Confronted in Family Relationships

It is a belief in our world that the male should be strong and therefore not show emotion. This is a belief that family relationships challenge. If the male fails to show emotion, he denies his soul and spirit energy. If the female fails to show emotion, she denies her soul and spirit energy.

Family relationships offer the male an opportunity to be in touch with the soul and spirit energy of emotion. If the male denies the family relationship, he is denying the challenge of emotion. He is creating resistance to his soul and spirit energy within. This is also true of the female, but the male is used as an example because of the belief system in our culture that creates a learned resistance.

Some people who fear emotion will also fear family relationships, friends, and all other interaction with people. These people become the criminals in our world because they act without emotion. They live without emotion. They deny the soul and spirit energy within and they react only as physical beings. They do not love themselves and therefore they have no love for other people. These are lessons that are confronted within family relationships. If the denial remains as the controlling force within the physical life, the physical life will be focused upon fear of interaction secondary to the fear of emotion. These people will easily indulge in physical crimes against the physical body.

The total absence of feelings and emotions of the heart allow physical atrocities as lessons.In the spirit sense this is a choice of both participants, although this is a challenge for us to understand. If we observe the murders in our world, we will find many of them occur between family members or friends. The spirit energy of unconditional love agrees to the lesson which will trigger the emotion within. The event may even be chosen as a Karmic lesson for both participants. Understanding the lesson will balance the emotion within for all passive participants. This safety net of unconditional love is much stronger than our imagination is capable of understanding.

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