Monday, March 10, 2014

What if we are responsible for everything about our life, our growth, our change, and our health?

Our chemical design creates the interactive interaction that we constantly live as our energy design in matter.  It is our chemical design that gives us health and happiness as our physical choice of living.  Disease always comes from the chemical design within our physical body being in a state of imbalance.  When our chemical design is in a state of imbalance, the chemical cellular structure that creates our physical body cannot maintain its balance, and it collapses into some form of disease.  Any form of medicine that does not recreate our precise chemical balance will bring about our death if it is continued past the point of no return for our cellular health.  Our cells remember the importance of certain chemicals to our balance and our health.  When our cells lose their hidden memory, we will forget to eat, drink, and breathe from the chemicals of Nature and Earth, which we are now doing as a human species.

 Why and how can our hidden memory be destroyed?  When we eat foods, drink, or breathe chemicals that do not support the replacement of the necessary chemicals that form the design and function of our cellular structure, we begin to break down the chemical structure and design of our thinking mind and physical body which leads us into disease, old age, and death that allows us to re-create our human body and begin a new physical life as a Spirit Consciousness.

When we live with our religious beliefs of living only one life only to die and be saved, we must ask ourselves what our beliefs mean.  What does it mean to be saved?  Are we being saved from life?  Or are we being saved from the devil?  What is the devil?  Is the devil the part of our thinking mind that refuses to accept that we are responsible for what we eat, drink, breathe, do, think, and believe?  What if we are wrong?  What if we are responsible for everything about our life, our growth, our change, and our health?  What if we are totally responsible for everything that we learn and the precise level of new life conscious awareness that we create?  Can we afford not to change and grow as a human being?  Can we afford as a human species to continue with our disease focus until we genetically change the pattern of our human design? 

Only if we are choosing to continue life on Earth with an intention of total destruction of both humans and Earth. It has already become apparent that we are damaging the chemical land, water, and air of Earth, therefore we are damaging the human species that lives upon Earth.  What is our goal as human beings?  We must change or we will destroy ourselves by the destruction of Earth as our home.  We are interactive beings with the air, water, and land of Earth which provides us with our chemical balance of life.  We are the truth of our interactive interaction with Earth as it provides us with the chemicals of the soil, the water, and the air to sustain our life and well-being.

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